1-2-1 Personal Training Sessions (10 session pack with trainer travel)

10 x 1 hour scheduled 1-2-1 Personal Training session.



1-2-1 Personal Training session lasting 1 hour. All session are held outdoors combining body weight exercises, weight training, HIIT training and various cardio training modules. Every session planned around each clients fitness levels because everyone is UNIQUE and has their own goals. We’ll agree sensible time scales to meet your goals. Genuine & professional guidance on all movements given by a qualified instructor. Full explanations as to the reason why specific training will be undertaken, to ensure goals are met. Guidance on nutrition and lifestyle habits offered too. After purchasing the pack  you’ll receive an email allowing you to activate your account and download the Fit Forever App. All 10 sessions will be booked and confirmed with your trainer during an initial 20 minute telephone conversation to understand your requirements and plan accordingly. You will receive a call from your trainer the same day you purchase the pack. This mobile service is for all clients within a 10-15 mile radius of the trainers location in Peterborough.


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