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FIT FOREVER TRAINING was formed by myself Mark and is the trading company of the 360 Battle Fit brand.

My passion for sport and seeing people succeed in their goals, no matter how small or large, drove me to change the direction of my own life several years ago too.

After a career spread across both the food and publishing industries and three redundancies in the space of a decade, I felt it was the right time to bring together lots of training experience & knowledge, along with my creativity to deliver the right type of training & exercise for each and every individual I meet.

Understanding the pressures people are under, both at work and knowing how precious time can be when pulled between home, family and work, I felt it was right to try and ensure as many people could reset the balance (after all I’ve been there) and regain control of certain aspects to give themselves a fitter, longer and more healthy life.

Not only am I directing individuals with the right exercises , I can assist with the right fuel too. As a fully trained chef, I have a pretty good idea how to make even the most mundane foods look and taste great, but more importantly help you to balance the quantities to allow a sensible and nutritious diet. To be clear I’m not a nutritionist, but being bale to measure what we put in against what we use as fuel, the balance will be addressed. Before you ask, yes I also had to reduce my weight (over 4 stone, yes that’s over 25kg) having sat behind the wheel of a car and desk for many years too.

Ok, so as well as developing my own skills further as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, with additional more bespoke training like Padwork (boxing), I’ve also brought together 4 recipe ebooks under the Fit Forever brand, developed the battle rope class and now hooked up (become a brand ambassador) with 3 other brands too. 

Below you will find the details for three companies who between them will help you look and feel better with yourself.

FOREVER BUEATIFUL BY JADE, will help you to pamper yourself, no matter who we are, it’s good to spend a little time on ourselves. So after a workout you may feel the need for a good massage, or a more relaxing treatment on your skin etc, maybe even get ready for a good night out with friends and you want to look your absolute best.

Make sure you visit Jade, she offers a selection of excellent treatments, oh and be sure to tell her “Mark sent you”. You’ll gain a great discount on your first booking.

SUNDRIED is a relatively new brand and started by a guy who has a passion for Triathlon and also being kind to the environment too. Now we all love to feel like we are doing our bit for the planet and we can feel secure in that thought, when buying many of the products from Sundried.

The cycling apparel, gym gear, shoes and much more and made from things like recycled bottle tops etc, so be sure to take a look and when we send you a special code you will be stunned at the fantastic value too.

REFLEX NUTRITION offers some of the very best quality products in the nutrition market.

So whether you are looking for products to supplement, eg: whey protein powders or maybe you need to increase your EAAs, then look no further, they have a brilliant selection of great products and the delivery is fast too.