You choose your battle

This total body work out will certainly increase your heart rate and keep it there for the duration. In addition you’ll be conditioning your muscles to cope with high intensity exercise and build endurance too. Over 30 different exercises employed during the various classes and each session lasting just 25 minutes.

360 Circuits

With an excellent variety of body weight and functional equipment exercises used during these 45 minute sessions, you will work each muscle group and achieve tremendous levels of fitness from a cardio vascular and muscle strength point of view. Just make sure you bring your water bottle. 


A maximum of 12 people in any one class & and this can be made up of varying levels of ability. Every individual works as hard as they feel able due to the nature of this exercise, some can be more strenuous than others.

Your instructor will coach and guide you through each exercise while ensuring you are using the correct technique from the minute you start.

Everyone is allocated their own rope and only changes during the class if asked to do so.

With everyone in a circle and facing each other, there is a real sense of camaraderie and a touch of competitiveness may sneak in too.

Some 30+ exercises can be included and this will be determined by your instructor on the day.