360 Battle Fit


Discover the new you and a level of fitness you didn’t realise was possible from regular short workouts. Total body strength and conditioning through pure functional training. 


360 Battle Fit workouts are perfect when looking to achieve genuine fitness, using just one piece of equipment & your own body weight or alternatively join us for a 360 Circuit and combine both body weight and functional equipment too, while achieving your goals.


Looking for variety in your workouts, then pick your own 360 road to fitness. Both 360 battles deliver a choice in time & equipment, not to mention the level of workout too. 


360 Battle Fit

This total body work out will certainly increase your heart rate and keep it there for the duration. Conditioning your muscles to cope with high intensity exercise and build endurance too. Over 30 different exercises employed during the various classes and each session lasting just 25 minutes.

360 Circuits

With an excellent variety of body weight and functional equipment used during these 45 minute sessions, you will work each muscle group and achieve excellent levels from a cardio vascular point of view too. Just make sure you bring your water bottle. 


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360 Battle Fit workouts are coming back and we can’t wait to see you very soon.

Please adhere to the following to ensure everyone is as safe as we can possibly be:

If you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid 19 please do not book.

If you book and subsequently develop any symptoms of Covid 19 prior to the workout, please let us know asap and take the necessary isolation procedures.

We ask that everyone make sure you have washed your hands prior to the workout and utilise the hand sanitiser we have on site before and on completion of the workout.

Social distancing will be adhered to during the workout and you will be allocated a single rope and we ask that you do not swap with anyone else during the workout unless they are from your own household.

All handles are sanitised both before and after every session to keep us all safe.


Training is always different and keeps you coming back for more.
360 Battle Fit really delivers, your whole body knows it's had a workout and feels so much stronger.
I'm absolutely buzzing after every 360 Circuits class.
Overall strength has improved hugely and I can see the difference in my body.